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Joy Sounds Spotlight - Part I: The 2020 USC Thornton Popular Music Graduating Class

Episode Summary

Part I: The USC Thornton Popular Music Program Graduating Class of 2020 is an extraordinarily talented group of artists who are poised to take on the music world. In this two part episode, we’ll get to know some of these graduates, hear their music and celebrate their upcoming graduation! During Part I, we feature seniors Jack Ingram (@_j_ingram), Tehillah Alphonso (@iamtehillah), Mason Summit (@masonsummit), Jared Cvetich (@jaredcvetich) and Kate Grahn (@kate_grahn). We’ll also talk with Patrice Rushen, Chair of the Popular Music program to hear her perspective on the program and on this graduating class. For more information about the USC Thornton Popular Music Program follow them @uscpopularmusic or visit